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A  little self-promotion today, but why not? Good reviews keep writers going - any reviews.  Another two book reviews have appeared for my modern-historical fiction novel, 'Gunnedah Hero', this time on 'Writers' Web' and the 'Wise Grey Owl' site.

Writers' Web Review:


 "Gunnedah “Gunnie” Danson knows his family has been in the farming business for generations, but it’s not until he’s left a manuscript in his grandfather’s will does he learn how hard they’ve fought to stay in it. The manuscript was his great, great grandfather (Smokey’s) diary and its pages hold the story of how as a 14-year-old he was forced to turn drover in the hopes of saving the Danson cattle herd during a severe drought.  Gunnie starts to hope maybe Smokey’s diary can help the family once again. The quick pace of Gunnie and Smokey’s parallel boyish adventures keep readers anticipating the next cattle run or abandoned cattle station. Smokey is a likable pin-up character for young male readers. It’s also Smokey’s relationship with other minor characters he meets on the road which “bring home” messages about family, especially those about family being more than people we are linked to with blood. Gunnie’s role in the novel seems more minor, but his place in a more contemporary Australia serves to remind young readers that fears of drought still plague farmers today. Insight into how farmers have dealt with drought by walking the “long paddock” with their herds should be interesting for many readers given how little it has been explored in young adult fiction.  Also easy to read with a helpful appendix at the end for self-driven readers, Gunnedah Hero is an arresting novel that will challenge young Aussie readers to learn more about their collective history." - by Nikita McInnes.

Wise Grey Owl Review:


"Good Story, Well Written, Recommend, Well Edited.
This is a book that I really enjoyed. Its style is informal and displays
the optimism of the Australian culture, so different to my own English one which
can be snobbish, mean, miserable and whining at times fed by own awful media
that looks for the bad in everything.

The book has an old innocence with only a few bad guys but a real story of hope and goodness. It would make a great Disney film along the lines of "An Incredible Journey" of some years ago and would be a good counter to the shoot-em-up, violent films that are aimed at younger people today.

It is a story of hope, of good conquering over evil and is very uplifting.

Some will argue with the style of the prose which borders on colloquial at times but I found it matched the book well. A little editing by a non-Australian culture may make it better for an international market but, personally, I found the Aussie slant charming." - by Paul Smith 30 July 2012

Thanks, Nikita and Paul. Love ya work! - CT

So, get cracking folks and purchase an eBook or paperback copy via my website. You might just enjoy it.


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