19 July 2012 - GREAT BOOKS

Quote of the day:

"Half of the harm that is
done in this world is due to people  who want to feel important."

T S Eliot

G'day guys,

Here are references to some great books to read. To be transparent, I wish to state that I am associated with all of these people or their organisation in some way or another. Check them out.

1. Books by members of 'Authors Australia': an organisation dedicated  'To foster a community that is pro-active in servicing our society of authors without personal financial reward and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in the field of writing, professional conduct, service to the public and our commercial endeavours.': http://www.authorsaustralia.org/

2. 'A Question of Resistance' ... 'No Time for a Retreat'  and 'The Smith's Grand Tour of Britain' by Paul Smith (The Wise Grey Owl from the United Kingdom):http://www.wisegreyowl.co.uk/php/content.php?Books=View&Book=7f1a61a8-d97f-11d4-e12d-9ffc9708b7fa Other books can be found on this website. Paul Smith has just walked coast to coast in the UK to raise funds for the Marie Curie Cancer Care. Go Paul! Love ya work.

3. 'The Last Exile: The tapestry of a life' by Jasha M Levi.

Blurb: The road from Sarajevo in 1921 to New York in 1956 and up to the present
covers a distance. It was a particularly winding and long one for the author,
from the student protests against pro-Nazi government in pre-war Yugoslavia,
WWII civilian confinement in Italy under Mussolini, fighting against German
troops and Quislings in Dalmatia in 1944-45, battling Soviet attempts to
dominate Yugoslavia, reporting from the world and the UN, and finally taking
asylum in the US in despair over his country ever becoming a democratic one. In
The Last Exile, Jasha Levi opens himself and the mosaic of his turbulent life
and times to the public scrutiny, his readers should find his memories as
compelling as his intimates always did. http://www.jashalevi.com/

4. One of Australia's newest publishers: Morris Publishing Australia has a stable of top authors. Give them a try. MPA have been great people to do business with. They organised my eBook for 'Gunnedah Hero'.


Stephen Anastasi

Kathleen O'Dwyer

Kim Stedman

Elaine Ouston

George Ivanoff

5. Wonderworld-variety:



This blog features selective genres of ebooks of indie authors for free.
They invite Readers to have a look at the featured books, booktrailer links,and
links to author page/website are majorly highlighted. They want to bring popular books from indie authors in front of readers. This blog recently did a sensational promotion of 'Gunnedah Hero'.

Give them all a try. You might be surprised.

Keep writing!

Don't be shy ... leave a comment or email me: clancy_tucker@hotmail.com

Thanks for listening.

I'm Clancy Tucker.


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