10-July-2012 - IndiePENdent publishers

Quote of the day:

"Love begins with a smile,
grows with a kiss and ends with a tear."

Writing tip of the day:

G'day guys,

Like it or not, the world is changing. So is the publishing industry. Now more than ever, authors are self-publishing, mostly out of frustration, but also because it is easy to do and reasonably cheap. Here are some great sites for those of you who have self-published and want to expose your book for free. The people behind these sites are genuine and do a great job. Here is an example of where my first book was recently promoted. I provided the information and they did the rest. SUPPORT THEM!


 Here are some other other sites to visit:






If you do hook up with them, be nice and thank them. Also, place their link on your blog or website.

Keep writing!

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Thanks for listening.

I'm Clancy Tucker


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