4 July 2020 - Pictures Of The Costa Concordia Cruise Liner After Being Underwater For 2 Years

Pictures Of The Costa Concordia
 Cruise  Liner After Being 
Underwater For 2 Years

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Imagine being on your dream cruise. You’ve saved up, and you’ve just left port ready to party. Mere hours after leaving port, you feel an incredibly violent jolt throughout the whole ship. You’re told not to worry, that is everything is under control. However, you slowly start to realize that everything is definitely not under control. 

This is the horrifying true story that the people of the Costa Concordia lived through. The captain of the ship, Captain Schettino, ordered the ship to sail along the coast of the island of Gigilo as a salute to the crew members who were from the island. Unfortunately, the coordinates he gave to his helmsman took them too close to a rocky outcropping off the islands shore. The ship ran aground and sprung a leak on the left (port) side of the bow. This eventually caused a blackout and the ship eventually sunk, killing 32 people on board.

Captain Schettino was charged for his role in the deaths of the people on board. The Costa Concordia has now been brought up from the shallow shores of the sea and is sitting in port. A photographer was able to get aboard the ship for an impromptu photo shoot. The pictures he took show a tragic scene. A scene that could have been avoided if not for human error and pride.

The ship is currently being scrapped by the companies Titan and Micoperi. The operation is said to be an unprecedented task.

Captain Schettino ignored protocol and actually abandoned his ship while it was capsizing. He was ordered to return to the ship by a Coast Guard commander, but he did not listen.

 Captain Schettino was eventually given 16 years in prison for causing the shipwreck and abandoning his passengers. Survivor groups have called the sentence too light, others however have somewhat defended the captain. They say he was merely a scapegoat for the accident as there were many other factors that contributed to the disaster that occurred. Either way, the pictures of this sunken cruise ship show the extensive damage done.   

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