7 June 2020 - The Relationship Between Animals And Humans By Steve McCurry

The Relationship Between 

Animals And Humans 

by Steve McCurry

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From the moment humans first tamed animals about 10,000 years ago, animals have played a big role in people's lives. Even though at first animals were used for meat, milk, and hides, as time passed, humans realized that they are not just food but living and breathing creatures. 

They began to see them as their friends who would accompany them while hunting, traveling or guarding their homes. However, there was always something special but complex in the relationship between humans and animals and one photographer dedicated his travels to show that.

Best known for his portrait of the "Afghan Girl" with the piercing green eyes published in 1985, Steve McCurry has been one of the biggest and most respected names in contemporary photography for more than forty years. The American photographer has built his career around his daring coverage of armed conflict, however, his other passion - animals - was less known to the public. With that in mind, a new book simply called "Steve McCurry. Animals" published by Taschen was born. The book skillfully explores the complex relationship with humans and the environment and tells a thousand stories from all over the world.

"The idea of photographing animals and people may have been planted in my mind since I was first starting out as a young photographer. My sister gave me my first photo book, Son of Bitch, a collection of pictures of dogs and their humans by the great photographer and friend Elliott Erwitt. It was the first time I saw a book on animals with humor, pathos, and wonderful storytelling. Animals are one of my favorite subjects to shoot; they are completely unpredictable. Animals have a mind of their own and rarely pay any attention to directions from a photographer," he said.

Now, let’s see some of his fabulous work …

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