20 June 2020 - Preserved, but Abandoned, Monastery in Italy

Preserved, but Abandoned,
 Monastery in Italy

G'day guys,

Well, I've found another abandoned building, but this one is a monastery in Italy. 

The road rises from the foot of a small Italian city and ends at the top of a hill, where you will find an imposing monastery rich in art and history, engulfed by an oak forest, a place hard to find for vandals. Perhaps that’s why the interior of the church has been preserved so well. 

In the fifteenth century, the Franciscans raised the monastery consisting of the church and the cloister and more recently, in the 60s, the college with the gymnasium, chapel, typography, and garage was erected.

The whole complex covers an area of ​​over 11 hectares, including barns, various service areas, the market and a large parking lot. To these are added about 6 hectares of forest around the convent. Under the complex, with access from the monastery, there is a network of very narrow passages, and you need at least a whole day for that. 

From the 70’s the complex was gradually abandoned until when in 1994 it was completely closed, ceasing any activity in this area. The degradation slowly crept into this place, making this monastery an attraction for some explorers who know it, but who respect the golden rule: to honour and respect the sacred place.

 Now, let's have a good look at this place ...

Clancy's comment: Beautiful construction, eh? It would certainly make a magnificent bed and breakfast. Another wasted building.

I'm ...

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