28 August 2017 - SOVIET MURALS


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In the early nineties, well after the destruction of the Berlin Wall, did you know there were still over 300,000 Soviet soldiers in Eastern Germany? In 1991, there were still 4,200 Russian tanks, 690 aircrafts, 180 rocket systems and over 200,000 civil employees and relatives of officers, among them about 900,000 children. 

Until the final withdrawal in 1994, Russians occupied 777 barracks at more than 275 locations in the territory of the German Democratic Republic, mostly in the area of today’s Brandenburg. With numbers like that, there’s no wonder the Soviet footprint in Germany can still be found by wandering off the beaten path. The footprint is fading, crumbling and peeling, but it’s definitely still there.

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Clancy's comment: They sure left a mark on the landscape.
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