1 September 2017 - NEW YORK BAR MURALS


G'day folks,

Ever been to a bar in New York? I've been to a few. They are cozy places to chat and drink, but many are beautifully decorated.

After a hard day’s toil, one of New York’s greatest pleasures is to unwind with an evening cocktail. But amidst the countless bars to be found in the city, there are some where you can enjoy your favourite drink against a beautiful back drop. For dotted around the Metropolis are bars decorated with large scale and remarkable hand painted murals. 

From the grand old hotels of Fifth Avenue, to the sprawling denizens of the East Village, these works of art provide a charming backdrop of refined elegance. They can be found in some of the city’s most historic bars. Often whimsical, cartoonish and playful in character, they hark back to the elegant days of old New York City, when the people dressed as well as the cocktails that were made.

Check out these examples.

Clancy's comment: They all look cozy, eh?

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