4 September 2014 (2) GREAT NEWS - AUSSIE BOOK AWARDS!



G'day folks,

Many thanks to those of you who contacted me and promoted my previous post - Discrimination In Aussie Book Awards. As you know I've been battling for some years to have self-published authors permitted to enter two major book awards in Australia: The Prime Minister's Literary Awards and the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards. 

Well, this morning I contacted the organisation that is responsible for organising the latter. As a result, I've been informed that they have indeed changed the rules for the 2015 awards. This is the email I received from Michael Williams, Director of the Wheeler Centre; a man with whom I've had discussions over the years.

"Dear Clancy,

Great to hear from you: something of an annual tradition now, but this year with a significant difference!

I suggest you re-read the criteria for the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards for 2015. (http://wheelercentre.com/projects/victorian-premier-s-literary-awards-2015/enter-online)
I've repasted the relevant clause of the eligibility criteria below:

8.5 Self-published works are eligible for this award, but must have an ISBN number and be available to the general public via more than one distribution channel.

Previous years I believe I tried to convey to you that your argument did not fall on unsympathetic ears, and committed to endeavouring to do something about it in future years. Those efforts have now been successful. We look forward to receiving some wonderful and deserving self-published entries. I trust all is well with you.

Warm regards,

Michael "

Clancy's comment: Thank you, Michael. We appreciate that you and your colleagues took our concerns seriously. More power to you. Let's hope this easing of the rules will unleash some extraordinary works of literature in a country that has been noted for its authors and poets.

Love ya work! 

Categories and prizes:

  1. Fiction – $25,000 The Prize for Fiction
  2. Non-fiction – $25,000 The Prize for Non-fiction
  3. Poetry – $25,000 The Prize for Poetry
  4. Drama – $25,000 The Prize for Drama
  5. Young Adult – $25,000 The Prize for Writing for Young Adults

So, to all of you independent Australian authors, here is the link to this award. Go to it. Present your very best work, and good luck.

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