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There is a home in San Jose, California known as the Winchester House. Although the name sounds completely normal, this home holds some of the most unusual and mysterious secrets. It was once the residence of Sarah Winchester. She was born an innocent, lively belle. Later in life she matured and married a man named William Winchester. 

William was the treasurer of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. One of the guns they created was the Henry Rifle, which became the first repeating rifle and was more than popular during the Civil War.  Needless to say, the Winchesters started their marriage in bliss, with fortunes that only a small percentage of society would be able to understand. With everything appearing perfect for the two, Sarah became pregnant with a little girl. What more could life bring for the two? That is when tragedy and grief started to strike for the Winchester family.

Just a few weeks after her baby girl was born, the child contracted a rare disease known as Marasmus and unfortunately passed away.

 Sarah never fully recovered from the awful tragedy, falling into a deep depression. And about 10 years later, her love, William, passed away of Tuberculosis. Although Sarah inherited millions of dollars and a daily pay out from the government of about $1000 per day, nothing would replace the pain and anguish she went through.

Shortly after William’s death, Sarah saw a medium who told her that her husband was in their presence. “He says for me to tell you that there is a curse on your family, which took the life of he and your child. It will soon take you too. It is a curse that has resulted from the terrible weapon created by the Winchester family. Thousands of persons have died because of your Winchester rifles and their spirits are now seeking vengeance.”


 She was then instructed to sell everything and move far away, that her husband would lead her to the right house. The medium went on to say, “You must start a new life and build a home for yourself and for the spirits who have fallen from this terrible weapon too. You can never stop building the house. If you continue building, you will live. Stop and you will die.”

So that is exactly what Sarah did. Sarah found a home on 162 acres that was under construction. She hired many carpenters that worked 24/7 on the house.  Day and night, the carpenters continued to work. She would build a section of the house only to destroy another and she continued this trend for the rest of her life.


The home continued to grow, eventually reaching 7 stories high, having 3 elevators, 47 fireplaces, and 160 different rooms. Sarah was obsessed with the number 13 as well, so each window had 13 panes of glass, the walls had 13 panels, the greenhouse had 13 cupolas, many of the wooden floors contained 13 sections, and some of the rooms even had 13 windows.

 Sarah passed away in her sleep at the age of 83. She left her entire fortune to her niece. Unfortunately, they were all surprised when they learned that much of that fortune was gone.  Today the home is a historical landmark in California and used as a tourist attraction. But that doesn’t mean the house is no longer haunted.


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