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Well, Covid 19 has been productive time for me, but I sure want to head overseas for a break. Sadly, that ain't going to happen soon. During the period of lockdown, I've written three books, all in the one series. 'LIFE SUCKS!' is book three in the 'KICK-ASS' series. Why? Simple. Many of my followers have been inspired by my main character, Sam Tyler. Having said that, I seriously suggest you read the two previous novels before you read this book: 'KICK-ASS' TYLER' & 'BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD'. That way, you will follow Sam as she encounters life, and a heap of experiences along the way.



This book is dedicated to two of my biggest supporters and closest friends – George and Betty. There were many times in their lives when life sucked big time. However, they overcame whatever adversities came their way, got on with life, and helped many others along the way.


Here is a quote from the book when Sam was at a try-out for the university's karate club. A smartass was denigrating her for being a woman, and for wanting to be involved in karate.

‘Hey. Here are a few facts. Don’t forget them. Firstly, my name’s Sam … not fucking 'babe'. Secondly, I’m not a novice, and I take karate seriously. Thirdly, do you like the colour of this belt?’ I said, and raised my belt so it was centimetres from his eyes. ‘It’s a third-dan black belt.’ His eyes instantly rolled back, and his eyebrows lifted. ‘Finally, your attitude sucks. If you reckon you’re so good, how would you like to have a try-out with me for three minutes … the winner donates twenty bucks to a charity? Got the balls?’  

PS: Don't worry. There is very little swearing in this book.



Sam Tyler studies law at Folkestone University, becomes involved in the SRC, the karate club, and works part-time at Ollie’s Tavern. Four students fall foul of the university’s hierarchy and face expulsion, but Sam defends the ‘naughty four’ and wins a reprieve for them.

The university slyly attempts to acquire the property of a wealthy old lady, Mrs Chandler, and Sam and the SRC support Mrs ‘C’. Sam bonds with the old lady and cleverly finds a way for her to keep her home, via the Indigenous Council, the National Trust and the media. She also organises a public rally and forces the university to drop its proceedings to acquire Mrs C’s home.

Sam enters the Inter-Varsity Karate Tournament, wins it and becomes the first female to win the trophy, but sadly, Sam’s brave dog, Ruffy, dies and Sam is devastated for weeks. Researching Mrs C’s past brings Sam back to reality when she finds some dark secrets. Mrs C is the illegitimate daughter of the first Governor of Folkestone, and also the mother of someone close to Sam.

Sam also learns some secrets from her boss at Ollie’s Tavern, when Ollie organises a surprise birthday party for her. Then, Mrs C throws a birthday party and Sam produces two emotional surprises for her. 

The Dean of Law gives Sam a secret report on homelessness, and she and the ‘naughty four’ spend time with homeless people. When Sam makes a presentation to the Senate Standing Committee on Homelessness, she is often interrupted by an aggressive Senator, but the Dean of Law appears and publicly rebukes him for his behaviour.

What sad news arrives as Sam concludes her presentation? What surprises has Sam organised for Mrs C at her birthday party?



University life, child abuse, community, Aboriginals, homelessness, Senate hearings, karate, racism, loyalty, politicians, courage, heritage issues, leadership, winning, losing, sport, law and order, students, National Trust, historical significance, compulsory acquisition, deeds, wills, and caveats, youth, and forgiveness.


'Brilliant story. I enjoyed reading the book, and I am amazed how so much can happen to one young lady.'  



Clancy's comment:  Okay. There you have it, but I certainly suggest you read 'KICK-ASS' TYLER' & 'BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD' before you begin this book. It will give you some great background information about Sam. 

Now, don't be shy. Grab a copy for yourself, your daughter or granddaughter. Oh, this book is not just for females. Young men will find some serious reminders in this book. Trust me, this book will command your attention.


Email me for a copy: clancy_tucker@hotmail.com


Love ya work, Sam!

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