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Children are amazingly resilient. They seem to be able to endure bumps and bruises without any permanent damage, but, unfortunately, they also have their limits. There are too many stories about children dying in unforeseen circumstances. Even so, some have thankfully managed to escape the chains of certain death in unimaginable ways. Here is such a scenario.


In 2001, on a subzero night in Alberta Canada, 13-month-old, Erika, got out of the bed she was sharing with her mother, opened the unlocked back door, and wandered out into the freezing night. At some point, she fell into the snow and laid there for an unknown amount of time. Erika’s mother didn’t realize she was missing from the bed until 3.00 AM. Amazingly, she quickly spotted the toddler lying face down in the snow. When the paramedics arrived, they began reviving Erika’s cold, blue body.


 However, a problem arose when they could not insert a needle into her frozen skin, nor could they insert a breathing tube in her mouth as it was full of ice. Luckily, their persistence paid off, and they managed to stick an IV in her leg and had success fitting the breathing tube. Once at the hospital, Erika was covered with a warming blanket that heated her body from the outside. Astonishingly, her heart, which had stopped beating for two hours, began beating again. Erika beat all the odds and survived one of the deadliest scenarios.

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