11 May 2020 - Man Spends 4 Years Growing A Living Church From Trees

Man Spends 4 Years Growing

 A Living Church From Trees

G'day folks,

 When you think of a spiritual gathering place or a church, what comes to mind? I typically think of some ancient and ornate cathedral, decorated with gargoyles, stained glass and incredible murals on the ceilings and walls. I think of a place lined with pews and surrounded by stone or concrete. I think of a grand marble altar and intricate decoration and design elements surrounding the structure. 


Well after traveling the world and visiting churches, a man by the name of Barry Cox decided to create his own unique church and it is unbelievably beautiful. I may have been a little more distracted in a church like this as a kid but I would have looked forward to Sunday morning that’s for sure.

Now, check out his amazing work ...



Clancy's comment: Wow. Amazing work, eh? I bet many people will want to be married in this church.

I'm ...


  1. That's really lovely. I'm surprised it only took 4 years. I wonder what the next four will bring? Thanks for the pretty photos, Clancy!