16 October 2018 - ‘The Excellent Writer Within’ by Michael Levy

‘The Excellent Writer Within’
 by Michael Levy

G'day folks,

Today, I present a guest post from Michael Levy. Hopefully, it might inspire aspiring and struggling writers.

 Welcome, Michael ...

The art of good writing comes from the artist within. All humans have the ability to become great authors, poets, artists and musicians, etc., so why do most folks find it such a difficult task? Why do many people say I could never be a writer or I could never aspire to write poetry? Moreover, why do folks who do write grow discouraged when their work is rejected?

We are what we think, so if we believe we cannot succeed in our daily actions, then for sure we will never get away from our perception of what we think we are. This self-defeating attitude was not of our making. As we were growing up and maturing into adulthood, we were indoctrinated with thousands of negative thoughts. This gave us a belief that we are only homemakers or only truck drivers. This limited vision of our role in life gives us a limited life. People the world over have great creativity. Once we start to understand who we are and the reasons we exist, we start to cultivate eloquent works of creativity.

Just writing worthy, meaningful, literature will not get the success it deserves unless we possess the resolve to carry on writing in spite of the critics. There will always be those who criticize a writer, no matter how well the composition. Rejection is an everyday experience for most writers. This is a joy we must accept and grow from. Just because someone does not like our essay does not mean it has no value. It means it was not acceptable to the editor or book reviewer who was reading the essay.

We can do two things when we feel constant rejections. We can give up and say, it was not meant to be. Alternatively, we can say, "How do I become a better writer and have my work accepted by more of the establishment?'" Once a small section of the general public starts to take an interest in our writing, the sheep mentality of the "establishment" will no doubt follow. It always has. It always will. Success breeds success.

Until we can find the inner core of creativity and start to write from the soul, we will never become great writers. We may achieve a modicum of success by writing a few columns for a newspaper or magazine but that could keep us in a vacuum. We can scrape a living, but may not amass a fortune, for we are trying to write and trying will never cut the mustard.

The secret to excellent writing is to enjoy with ecstatic abandonment each letter and syllable we put down on paper. The pure joy of writing makes us successes; nothing else will. Those who tell us we have to struggle and sweat have not grasped true meaning in their lives. We need no approval of any human to be a success.

Stop trying to become a success. We are successes already. We were born. We are the success of life. The sperm hit the egg and here we are...
Hello world!

Everything else we do and achieve is just a bonus.

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. Joy brings true meaning to life.
Now the next question to ask is "what is joy?" What does joy mean and how do we achieve it? Look within , take time to silence the mind and feel the texture of nothingness. Smell the perfume of celestial splendor. Discover the sound of cosmic waves flowing though your subconscious mind. Palpate infinity. 

Breathe eternity. Conceive the splendor of maturating into the essence of a successful writer. Be the word, become the poem, and live the adventure.

Everything we do is inscribed in our soul’s book of life. We just need to learn how to read the instructions written within every cell and molecule of our being.

Each tissue and sinew bleeds muscular power of infinite, majestic might. Fly on the wings of limitless mastery. Escape the shrouded cocoon and become the enchanting butterfly. The dreams of authentic reality are about to manifest a rainbow of magical delights:_____
"Write on Time" _____ "Compose in Space"
Y_ourself ___ (THE GENIUS)


Clancy's comment: Thank you, Michael. My advice to my students is to let loose ... Don't hold back. In so doing, you might be surprised as to what you actually write.

I'm ...

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