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For some of us, DIY means hanging up a few picture frames at the weekend, or giving the garden shed a new lick of paint. For Dave Moult of Malmesbury in Wiltshire, England, DIY means building a teardrop trailer from scratch that Jules Verne would have been jealous of.

This is actually the sixth teardrop trailer David has built himself, sourcing old original parts from car-boot sales or eBay. While the materials don’t cost him much, Moult can spend hundreds of hours over many weekends working on a trailer. He gets quite attached to them and has only ever sold one for £5,000 after 2 years of use.

Let’s take a look-see at the evolution of his epic DIY project…

The leather panels came from an old sofa Dave bought for £15 and worked with a specialist company Retro Retrims to give the feel of an old explorer’s library. The chandelier? It’s fashioned from an old coffee pot and copper pipes.

Clancy's comment: Wow, how cozy is that? Love ya work, Dave.

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