23 May 2016 - MOTHER NATURE


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One great thing about photography is that it takes you closer to nature ... And whatever subject you are taking. Check out these wonders taken by some clever folks.

Clancy's comment: Awesome, eh?


Adventure, courage & pure kick-ass Aussie spunk 20 May 2016

By Vicki CASE - Published on Amazon.com

Format: Kindle Edition

When you pick up a Clancy Tucker book to read, you can be assured that you won’t be disappointed.

I have just finished Kick-Ass Tyler (KAT); Clancy's latest book & it was a corker - full of adventure, courage & pure kick-ass Aussie spunk.

If it’s one thing I deplore it’s that; in most books & movies; the female is characterised as the weak victim who always seems to fall over at the most inopportune time. But not in a Clancy 'Kick-Ass' Tucker book - they just don't - they shine.

Young Samantha Tyler has endured more in her short life than most. She has a rebellious streak, but a heart of gold. Her life & friends were coasting along just fine until a boy from her school is suddenly kidnapped. 'Sam' as she likes to be called; uses her 'kick-ass' magic & provokes her school colleagues & the community into action in an effort to find young Zoran. Somewhere during her endeavours, she herself provokes the kidnapper, & is kidnapped herself.

Sam & Zoran are eventually saved, through the combined efforts of people she has met during the process, her step-father & her beloved dog 'Ruffy.'

KAT is a great read for avid readers of all ages. It is another great adventure story that epitomises the courage & tenacity of our youth; & their resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

I highly recommend KAT. I understand it is one of a series. I am now waiting with baited breath for the next book in the series to come to fruition.

Well done Clancy. You are an amazing author. You honour your country; your literary profession & yourself. I applaud you Clancy Tucker. We need more great authors like you in our schools & libraries.

Thank you, Vicki. Yes, the next two books in this series are finished. After they have been polished, I'll publish them. Their titles? 'LIFE SUCKS!' and 'STREETWISE'. So, grab a copy of 'Kick-Ass' Tyler at my bookshop - top right hand corner of this post. Don't be shy!

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