3 January 2014 - 'GB' - DEATH ROW - Part 2


- Part 2 -

G'day folks ,

Today I feature part 2 of my interview with 'GB', who is currently serving on death row in Angola Prison, Louisiana, USA. 

Welcome, 'GB' ...

     1.  Who would you rather have not met? Why?

No one that I know of.  Life to me is a big school of learning, and in order to fully learn the lessons of life thoroughly ya got to experience different situations; good / bad, happy and sad.  It’s not like I can go back in time and change any of those situations, but I can reflect on the past and learn very valuable lessons and make my future very much better. 

Why?  Because I live to move forward in life and become the very best man I possibly can. I think the best way to do that is to face everything life brings my way head on and handle it accordingly. 

     2.   Who were you most envious of? Why?

I’ve never been an envious person. I use other people triumphs as motivation to push myself harder to be as successful as I possibly can be. 

Why?  I can’t accomplish nothing by being envious, but I can do anything I put my mind, heart, and action too, by having faith, motivation and determination. The only limits I have is those I place on myself, or those I allow someone else to place on me. 

    3.  Who did you forgive – for doing something you never thought you’d forgive?

The dude that shot me 3 times in the head and once in the stomach. 

     4.   What was your greatest moment in your life?

Being able to take good care of my family and friends.  I truly loved and enjoyed being able to do that, and buy whatever I thought my heart desired.  Even though now I see majority of ‘em didn’t deserve it. I had fun taking care of myself and them. 

      5.  What is your greatest achievement?

Being able to go through all I’ve been through, and become a better man in every way, shape, fashion and form. 

     6.   What personal traits would you like to have in your next life?

The wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment that I’ve developed for loyal, real, raw, and uncut love, and all of it I continue to obtain throughout the rest of my life.  The faith I have, and I allow to continuously grow. 

     7.  What advice would you give to world leaders?

Real love is the key to peace and everything else that’s positive.  Don’t send / allow children to go to jail. It only makes ‘em worst.  I’ll bet that there’s over a 80% chance that every child that gets locked up young will go back to jail when they get out or they’ll get killed young. 

     8.   What advice would you give to parents today?

Never allow your child to become infatuated with the street life.  Keep in mind that whatever you child becomes infatuated with is more than likely the life they will choose.  Never wash your hands with your child under any circumstances. 

     9.   With whom would you choose to be stuck on a desert island?

Emma, my fiancée. If she can stand by my side under these circumstances I know she can do it on a deserted island. 

     10.   Have any heroes? Why? Who?


Who?  My Mom, Dad, Grandmothers and Grandfathers. 

Why?  Because even though they’ve never been perfect, they have always been there for me.  They never made a lot of money, but found ways to take care of me. 

Even now those that are still living are old, in all kinds of pain, and living off a monthly check, but they find ways to do what they can for me!!!  Oh how I love my heroes. 

     11. What are the greatest legacies you will leave behind?

My unfailing love and realness under all circumstances. 

      12.   What’s lacking in the world today?

Real love. 

      13.   Any pearls of wisdom for the rest of us?

Never be afraid to go all out for real love when and if you find it!!!  Those that are capable of whole heartedly loving you are a very rare breed.  Cherish them when you find ‘em. 

Pick your head up no matter how tough life is. You can overcome if you don’t defeat yourself by giving up. 

      14.  What would be the last sentence you ever write?

I have way too much life left in me to contemplate that question. 

      15.  What inspired you most?

Knowing the only limits I have are those I place on myself or those I allow someone else to place on me.  I don’t place limits on myself, and I’m surely not going to allow NO ONE else to. 

     16.  Who or what made you laugh the most?

My Mom, Dad, and Grandparents. 

        17.   What would be your top three chosen careers in your next life?

I believe in going to Heaven. 

 18. What is your prime focus in life today?
Getting out.  Establishing myself as a writer, so I won’t be a burden to no one, and I could take care of myself, my fiancée, my children, and those who have stuck by me. 

19.  What do you fear most?
Not proving my innocence. 

20.    If or when you reflect on your past, can you identify any personal events that you believe had a significant impact on you?
Before I got shot, February 1 1996, I was doing great.  I had saved a good bit of money, had the best cars, clothes, jewellery and I went to school to be a truck driver.  I finished school had jobs lined up, and on the day before graduation I passed by my mom’s house to tell her I would be graduating the next day.  She told me to go check on my brother. He had just left the house with a gun talking about …xxx…  who had just got into it our friend Black.  I went to go see what was going on, and Black shot me (3) time’s in the head and once in the stomach because he was scared I came to do something to him. 

That was one time I wished I didn’t have a reputation of being a bad ass, because the same young dude, Black, who I taught to never allow no one to get the ups on him, shot me so I couldn’t get the ups on him.  He didn’t know I came to see what was going on. He thought I came to do him some harm. 

When I lost my right eye, I lost my truck driving career too, because the school said I could no longer see the road to drive trucks.  They gave me $800 out of the $3,500 I paid to go to school and sent me on my way. 

Everybody thought I was dead, so a majority of my money that was owed to me on the streets was spent when I got out of the hospital. 

The day I got shot, my family was at the hospital trying to see if I was going to live and somebody broke into my Mom’s home and stole all of my drugs. 

I kissed death, but my God pulled me through with my life, even though I had lost a lot from being shot.  The doctor was in the waiting room telling my family and friends I wasn’t going to make it, when the nurse ran in there screaming that I’d come through and was pulling all the tube’s and I.V.s out. 

      21. Imagine that you were given a chance to live again, what will you do first and what will you do differently?
I would stay in school, be as smart as possible, and be infatuated with school and sport’s. 

22.  Do you have a bucket list? Tell us more.

23.   Any great claims to fame?

24.  What would you do and say if you were released tomorrow?
I would thank God and for all those who stood by me!!! 

      25. Anything you’d like to add?

If you’ve been fortunate and blessed not to have the trials and tribulation’s that some of us have to endure, don’t look down on us who do. The world will be a better place if you help us endure.  Every one that’s going through terrible times hasn’t done something to bring it on them. 

Thank you Mr Clancy for this opportunity!!!!  You’re highly appreciated!!!! 

Clancy's comment:Thank you, 'GB', for being so frank, and for allowing me to interview you. Stay well and keep your spirits up. I will be in touch.

Postscript: 'GB' is busy writing. He has completed his first manuscript, 'Real, Raw and Uncut', and is now busy on the second book. He plans a 5-6 book series and I will be assisting him to publish his books. However, I will also be seeking assistance from a major publisher and literary agent.

So, folks, let me know if you know of any publishers and literary agents who would be interested in 'GB's' work.

I'm ...

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