19 February 2021 - Construction Failure At Charles De Gaulle Airport


Construction Failure At 

Charles De Gaulle Airport


G'day folks,

Many countries have experienced great construction disasters, even Australia. Here is one that occurred in France, and it's a wonder more were not killed.

Not long after the inauguration of the Charles de Gaulle airport, in May 2004, a big portion of the roof of Terminal 2E collapsed, killing 5 people and injuring many more. The terminal building was a 1475 ft (450 m) long elliptical tube constructed of concrete rings. According to the official investigation report, a number of design failures were not caught during construction, which resulted in the collapse, namely a lack of redundant supports, poorly placed reinforcing steel, weak outer steel struts, weak concrete support beams, and low resistance to temperature fluctuations. 

 The structure was rebuilt with a metal framework and reopened in the spring of 2008.
Clancy's comment: Wow, it's a whopping structure. Happy travels, eh?

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