22 July 2015 - THE BAJAU PEOPLE


G'day folks,

Welcome to the life of the Bajau people.

Malaysian photographer Ng Choo Kia, who is a member of SIPA Press, has created a beautiful showcase of the Bajau people of Malaysia. Traditionally the Bajau people are a nomadic, seafaring people and some continue this tradition today, which is why they are still commonly called "sea gypsies.”

Other Bajau people have chosen to abandon their traditional lifestyle and are located in Malaysia's eastern state, Sabah, on the island of Borneo. Although no longer nomadic, the sea still plays a major role in their lives, with their villages housed on the water, not far from land. The wooden houses are commonly on stilts overlooking the gorgeous, clear water.

Clancy's comment: Wow, what an interesting world, eh? I imagine that the kids are great swimmers.
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