14 February 2013 - THINGS THAT MAKE SENSE


G'day guys,

The more I read about world events, the more I like the folks I'm depicting today. I recently watched some tennis (Australian Open) and saw one of the highest paid, highest profiled players in the world really 'crack it' because her back had a twinge. Result? She was done like a dinner by a nineteen-year-old new comer from her own country. Mm ... life's tough when you feel you must smash a racquet or two into the court and scream like a banshee. Great role-model, eh?

Mm ... the following cartoon depicts our Echidnas screaming at Lance Armstrong ... another role model - not!

Mind you, this behaviour is seen across the world in all genders, countries, sports - and in all shapes and sizes. Viewing politicians at work in houses of parliament is fairly abysmal as well. What is it with some adults?
Anyway, back to some of my favourite friends ... those that are too busy surviving to crack a tantrum on the world stage.

Clancy's comment: Cute, eh? Now watch this YouTube video about a dolphin who came to divers seeking help. Trust me, it's worth watching.

I'm ...

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